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胸部x線的不定型陰影を呈する結核性小病変の臨床並びに病理学的研究 第2編 病理学的研究

森重 照夫 国立療養所山陽荘
In 250 cases of lung resection (200 cases with cavity and 50 cases with tuberculoma), radiographic examination, sputa tests and other clinical findings were compared with pathological and bacteriological findidgs of the excised samples. 1. Four cases out of five with the string-form shadows on x-ray picture had cicatricated lesions, and the one had pre-cicatricated lesions. Both of these are stabilized tubercular foci. Most of the cases with the asterial, club-form or lump-form shadows had remaining cavities or covered caseous lesions. Motley shadows were found in one case with contracted tuberculoma, which was considered to be in the healing process. Especially, pre-ciatricated lesions which developed after tuberculoma may be considered to be stabilized, healing foci. 2. Out of 30 cases, which had shown the atypical shadows developed from the cavity on the x-ray picture, 7 cases (or 23.3%) were in the healing process, 4 cases being cicatricatedand 3 cases being in the pre-cicatricated stage. The rest (23 cases or 76.7%) kept bacilli-positive caseous substances in the lung and had the possibility of relapse. 3. Out of 4 cases, which had shown shown the atypical shadows developed from the tuberculoma on the x-ray, 3 cases (or 75%) were almost healt with pre-cicatricated lesions without bacilli.