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Sh. dysenteriaeの酵素的性状について 第1篇 発育に於ける栄養要求, 及び静止菌の基質酸化

難波 敏夫 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
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Using the standard strains belonging to Sh. dysenteri 1. (A1)-7 (A7) as the test bacteria, the author studied the nutrition requirement of the growtn and enzymatic properties of these cells; and obtained the following results: 1. In comparing the catalase activity of each cell A(6) and A(7) show a marked activity, and A(2) slightly, while A(1), A(3), A(4), and A(5) show no activity at all. 2. When the nutrition requirements for the growth are compared, A(7) is found to be able to grow in the most simple medium of all, followed by A(6) and A(2). A(1), A(3), A(4) and A(5) possessing no catalase show a tendency to require a more stringent nutrition than those possessing catalase. 3. Looking over the effects of several inhibitory agents against the glucose oxidation of these cells, no clear-cut difference can be observed between the cells with catalaes and without catalase.