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細菌のグルコース酸化に於ける阻害剤としてのオーレオマイシンの利用 第1篇 グルコース,グルコン酸の酸化に於けるオーレオマシンの作用

泉原 充衛 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
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With the use of Sh. flexneri 2a and St. aureus as the test bacteria the auther studied the action of AM (aureomycin) as an inhibitor on the bacterial glucose and gluconate oxidation. The results are as follows: 1. AM at the concentration about 10(-4)M inhibits the oxygen consumption of bacteria in the oxidation of glucose, gluconate, ribose, lactate, pyruvate or succinate to the extent of 50 % . Moreovere in the case of ribose or pyruvate the inhibition is most markedly. 2. AM accerelates the accumulation from glucose. It seems that AM inhibits pyruvate oxidation, and the transfer of H from substrate to O(2). 3. AM accerelates the C(5)-sugar accumulation from gluconate. One of points of action fo AM seems to be C(5)-sugar oxidation.