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妊婦尿蛋白の血清免疫学的ならびに電気泳動学的研究 第2編 妊婦尿蛋白ウサギ免疫血清の電気泳動学的研究

板阪 卓児 岡山大学医学部法医学教室
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1. The total protein density of antiserum, which was immunized with the protein urin of pregnant toxikosis (pregnant edema, pregnant nephrosis, preeclampsia, eclampsia), inflammation of kidney and nephrosis, has increased as compared with before immunization. 2. The total protein density of antiserum absorbed by human serum lessened a little in quantity of antiserum of the urin of pregnant edema and pregnant nephrosis, and the inflammation of kidney which are weak race-speciality (explanation is in Part 1) as compared with that of the urin of preeclampsia, eclampsia, and nephrosis which are strong race-speciality. 3. β-and γ-Globulin where increased by repeated immunization, specially, the rate of γ-Globulin showed a remarkable increase. In case of antiserum of the protein urin of three diseases in strong race-speciality γ-Globulin showed 30.2 % at the maximum amount, 23.8 % at the minimum amount: in case of antiserum of the protein urin of three diseases in weak race-speciality γ-Globulin showed 18.5 % at the maximum amount, which was, however, lower than the minimum amount of the former. In case of antiserum absorbed by human serum, a loss in quantity of β-Globulin in strong race-speciality showed a little increase than that of weak race-speciality, and γ-Globulin showed much increase. 4. The antibody in the antiserum nearly goes side by side with the increase of β-and γ-Globulin. 5. The author thought that the large part of production of antibody were in γ-Globulin, and small part in β-Globulin. α-Globulin increased in antiserum immunized with the protein of only preeclampsia and eclampsia and lessened in antiserum absorbed by human serum. This, the author thinks, will have the connection with the specific protein which was explained in Part 1.