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胸部外科における異常血圧上昇およびその対策に関ずる実験的臨床的研究 第2編 胸部外科における体位変換の臨床的意義について

三好 大三 国立療養所山陽荘
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In CHAPTER Ⅰ, I have stated my invenstigation on the abnormal blood pressure ascension and its counterplan from the experimental point of view, while I have obtained the same results as in CHAPTER Ⅰ from the chiefly clinical view point. And at the same time pursued my studies to eluccidate the intrinsic significance in changing the posture. The following in the conclusion I arrived at: 1. In average healthy persons including tuberculous patients, whose conditions assume relationary character, when their postures are lowered to 15°-20° on either left or right side, the pulmonary ventilation on the lowered side is more increased than in supine posture, and decreased on the higher side. 2. The same change of posture when undergoing unilateral pneumothorax or under the condition of the imperfect pulmonary expansion after operation, causes the ventilation to increase on both the higher and lower sides, and especially more remarkable when the thoracic pressure is positive in supine posture. 3. This serves not only to improve the content of the oxygen and the carbonic acid gas in the arterial blood, but also to give a good turn to the respiratory, circulatory impediments accompanying the abnormal blood pressure ascension. 4. This method also proves to be effective as a dependable treatment for the respiratory, circulatory impediments, specifically for pulmonary edema. 5. In conclusion I must add a few words in acknowledgement that the original idea of this method of poature changing treatment was first suggested, and has been realized by the guidance of Dr. Yatsuzuka And, therefore, it may be allowed, I hope, to propose that this method of after-operation posture lowering to 15°-20° on the operated side be named "Yatsuzuka-Miyohi's Plan" (or Yatsuzuka-Miyoshi's Posturization Treatment).