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血清脂蛋白の研究 第3編 濾紙電気泳動法による脂蛋白分劃中の各種脂質の定量的研究

戸倉 又晴 岡山大学医学部病理学教室
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In rabbit serum it has been found that the quantitative ratio between those lipids found in α and β globulin fractions was 42.3/57.7 (the value obtained in winter). By estimating the quantity of lipids after treating with various solvents, aceton, ethanol, ether and etheralcohol, and staining with S. B. B, it has been proved that the lipids found in α-globulin fraction are mainly of phospholipids, cephalin, lecithin and others and those of β-globulin fraction are mainly of cholesterol and its esters.