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臓器アレルギーに関する研究 第3編 異種臓器抗体における既往性反応について

宇野 年郎 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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The antibodies, corresponding with sensitizing organ antigens in the circulating blood of the sensitized animals with the antigens extracted from hetero-organs (liver, spleen, colon, gall bladder etc.) with physiological saline, were studied. Considering from a standpoint of anamnetic reactions the following results were obtained. 1. By administration of ACE (Interenin) marked anamnetic reactions were seen in the hetero-organ antibodies. One to six days after the injections of ACE the corresponding antibodies were evidently observed in the circulating blood. 2. Leukocytosis and increased gamma globulin fractions were noted on the appearance of anamnetic reactions antibodies for the hetero-organ antigens. Anamnetic reactions were depressed by giving Nitromin beforehand. 3. On appearing the anamnetic reactions of the hetero-organ antibodies, the cross reactions between various organ antigens and their antibodies were marked, especially with sensitizing organ antigens in compared with other organ antigens. And it was clearly understood that the antibodies produced by sensitizations with organ antigen had relative organ specifities.