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藤岡 幸雄 岡山大学医学部歯科口腔外科学教室
福井 哲也 岡山大学医学部歯科口腔外科学教室
桜井 靖郎 岡山大学医学部歯科口腔外科学教室
小林 敏行 岡山大学医学部歯科口腔外科学教室
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In a previous report the anthors presented their suggestions for the surgical treatment of alveolar pyorrhoea. However, after further experience in a clinic established specifically for the treatment of this disease, new modes of treatment have been utilized and are reported upon in this paper. The authors discuss for removing the cause of the disease (systemic and local), symptomatic treatment (anti-inflammatory, repair of gingival pocket, and immobilization of loose teeth), supplementary and after-treatments; and they also reappraise the entire approach to the treatment of the disease.