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Epilepsia partialis continua (Koshewnikow) の一例

難波 英弘 国立岩国病院精神科
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A 47-years old farmer, male: Afflicted with paratyphus C, at the age of 29 years, and followed by tertian malaria, attack occurring at the interval of three days. Thereafter he had continual and intermittent tic-like or tonic cramps. This cramps grow more frequent with lapse of time, and finally the cramps occured uninterruptedly during his waking hours. This does not change by emotional changes, what he wants to do or by his will, but it is absent during his sleeping hours. Concomitant with such clinical symptoms, multiple foci from the right hemisphere can always be observed in the electroencephalogram, and sometimes multiple foci from the left hemisphere can also be seen. In the physocephalic picture a slight atrophic picture can be recognized in a portion of the cerebrum, especially in the right hemisphere. Then in March when he was about 47 years old, he had occasional expiratory dyspnea, and thereafter there occurred transiently such symptoms as loss of memory, fatigue, and restlessness what might be construed as “epilepsy-replacement” phenomena. However, up today there occurred no great or small fit or loss of consciousness.