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老性変化に関する研究 第2編 高年者の肝生検所見と肝機能との関係に就いて

網岡 忠 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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With the purpose to study on the pathologic physiology of liver in aged people, the weight and histological findings of liver were observed on the autopsy cases without the cause of death of liver disease in each age over 60 years old for 3 years in 1955-58, besides, the correlation between the histological findings and liver function was observed on the aged people over 57 years old by the liver autopsy under the classification of normal blood pressure, arterial hypertension and essential hypertension, and the liver function was observed on them in each age. 1. The liver weight in aged people decreased and its degree was remarkable with their years. 2. The main region of liver cells' anisocytoiss and liver atrophy was at the central zone. The main region of nucleolar anisocytosis and concentration was diffuse, but it was rather strong at the marginal zone. 3. The sclerosis of liver artery in aged people was rarely observed on the cases with normal blood presure, but it was observed on 2/3 of the cases with arterial hypertension and it was slightly observed on most of the cases with essential hypertension. And it was known that there was considerably close correlation between the sclerosis of liver artery and the sclerosis of minor artery in the kidney. 4. The dilatation of central vein in the liver was observed on most of the cases in aged people and it was supposed that the passive hyperemia of liver was numerous in old people. 5. The brown pigmentation increased with the increase of decade. 6. The thickening and multiplication of cross fiber or the dilatation of capillary vessel were observed on the central and middle zones. 7. The multiplication of stroma was slightly observed and no difference by the blood pressure or ages was observed. 8. As for the liver function in aged people, the antidotal function was mainly disturbed, but the disturbance of other liver functions i.e. excreting function and serum colloidal reaction etc. were slight, even though those disturbances. The disturbance of liver function was more worse on 7th decade than that on 6th decade, but it was more mild on 8th decade than that on 6th or 7th decade. And the disturbance of liver function was more remarkable in the cases with hypertension than that on the cases with normal blood pressure. 9. The parallel relation between the findings of liver tissue and liver function was not always observed.