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Bilirubinと蛋白との結合に関する研究 第1編 Bilirubinとalbumin及びglobulinとの結合について

大月 昌之助 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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With the purpose to study the combinations of bilirubin with albumin and with globulin using a veromal buffer solution (pH 8.5) as the elctrolyte the author estimated the absorption curve by means of paper electrophoresis and by paper chromatography at the first dimesnion using 2% cane sugar solution as the developer and with D-K type Beckman's autospectro-photometer; and obtained the following results. 1. Sodium bilirubinate that is a direct bilirubin and dibasic acid bilirubin which is an indirect bilirubin both combine with albumin. 2. The mode how bilirubin combines with albumin can not be the controlling factor of the direct or the indirect bilirubin reaction. 3. When desalting is done on the combined solution of sodium bilirubinate and albumin, a mixed solution of bilirubin and albumin is obtained, but no bilirubin can be isolated. 4. It is quite difficult to combine blirubin with globulin.