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Glomus Jugulare Tumorの一治験例について

林 本仁 中華民国台湾省国立台湾大学耳鼻喉科教室
周 維馨 中華民国台湾省国立台湾大学耳鼻喉科教室
郭 文芳 中華民国台湾省国立台湾大学耳鼻喉科教室
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A case report was done on a 28 years old soldier with a glomus jugulare tumor of the right middle ear, which recurred about 4 years after the first removal elsewhere. The recurrence was accompanied with facial nerve paralysis. patient underwent radical mastoi dectomy for the removal of the recurrent growth. Clinical and pathological features of the growth, points in diagnosis and methods of treatment were discussed. The tumor is a fascinating subject to otologists because of its relative rarity and many questions to be answered regarding its nature, as only 14 years has elapsed after the first case report by Rosenwasser.