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岸本 明 岡山大学医学部皮膚科泌尿器科教室
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Blood chemical studies-estimation of non protein nitrogen, urea, urea nitrogen, creatine and creatinine-on rabbits were carried out after the ligation of ureter. 1) Urea nitrogen and performed creatinine increased and paralleled to nonprotein nitrogen. Urea nitrogen, performed creatinine and nonprotein nitrogen showed 291.9mg/dl, 18mg/dl and 398mg/dl respectively at the maximum value. 2) Total creatinine, performed creatinine and creatine showed more stable than these of nonprotein nitrogen, urea nitrogen and urea. Much differences could not be found between every rabbits after the operation. 3) Remarkable increase of urea nitrogen was observed at the beginning of the ligation and more increase of urea nitrogen and decrease of performed creatinine was observed at the end. 4) The term of existence of rabbits existed between 54 hours and 40 minutes to 102 hours and 40 minutes. Performed creatinine-total creatinine ratio was 50% and performed creatinine showed 100mg/dl at one or two days before the death. Nonprotein nitrogen showed 100-300mg/dl at the same time.