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神田 瑞穂 岡山大学医学部法医学教室
草加 宏直 岡山大学医学部法医学教室
船曳 定雄 岡山大学医学部法医学教室
白神 清敏 岡山大学医学部法医学教室
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Nematol were administrated two young women of twenty-two for the treatment of their anchylostomiasis. It is a particular case, that a pharmacist misgave to the patients fifteen tablets as dosage at the same times. One women of them died of general weakness on the about twelve hours after the internal use. On the post-mortem examination, the most prominent findings are findings of oedema in the lungs and brain, fatty degeneration and cloudy swelling of the liver and the kidney, and bleeding of the submucous tissue of the stomach and the intestines.