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骨髄体外培養組織の切片染色による細胞学的研究 第1編 正常家兎骨髄体外培養組織について

服部 嘉之 岡山大学医学部平木内科教室
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In the observations carried on section specimens prepared from the explanted bone marrow tissue of normal rabbits, the following results were obtained: 1. In the regular culture method wandering cells, wandering out of the explanted bone marrow piece, form a growth zone and also cells without wandering capacity appear in the center of the growth zone. In culture immature bone-marrow cells reach maturity, and the mitotic index, having its peak at the 12-hour culture, fluctuates up and down. Namely, in the present study it has been clarified that not only bone marrow cells wander out but also maturation and mitosis take place in bone marrow culture. After 4-5 days' culture interstitial cells grow actively and also fibroblasts are observed to proliferate. 2. Vitamin B(12) helps to promote the mitosis and maturation of bone marrow cells. 3. Folic acid acts on bone marrow in the same manner as vitamin B(12) though to a lesser degree. 4. Nitoromin inhibits the mitosis of bone marrow cells and promotes the degeneration of granular leucocytes. 5. Carzinophilin like nitromin inhibits the mitosis and promotes the cell degeneration. 6. A simple tissue culture method is not simply for supravital observation, but it induces bone marrow cells to wander out, mature, and also induces mitosis although it is inferior to the regular method of tissue culture.