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肺結核における副腎皮質機能 第3編 肺結核症の尿中17-Ketosteroid値及び個々の患者に各種の副腎皮質機能検査法を実施した成績

迫 勝博 First Department of Internal Medicine, Okayama University Medical School
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The values of 17-Ketosteroid in the Urine of the lungtuberculosis patients was measured and was compared with the Thorn's test, the ratio of both sodium and potassium and the Robinson-Kepler-Power water test. The results are as follows: (1) The excretion quantity of 17-Ketosteroid in the urine of the nontuberculosis patients at the convalescent stage are 7.58mg per day (4.66-16.5mg) on the average, and the value, less than 4.5mg daily, is thought as the abnormal low value. (2) In the tuberculosis patients it shows 5.76 mg daily on the average and the value, less than 4.5 mg daily is 35 percentage. (3) The decline of the exeretion in urine has a close connection with the age, increased blood sedimentation rate, breadth of pathogenic tissue, decreased lung capasity, body weight below the standard weight and the deciline of the liver functions, but no define connections are not observed with the process of the illness, bodytemperature, evacuation of bacillus and chemical treatments. (4) Some of the various symptomes of lungtuberculosis, especially the age, increased blood sedimentation rate and intestinal tuberculosis as a complication etc. have a close connection with the value of 17-Ketosteroid in Urine, Thorn's test, ratio of both serum sodium and potassium and Robinson-Kepler-Power Water test. (5) The decline of the adrenochrtical functions in lungtuberculosis is very light.