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肺結核における副腎皮質機能 第2編 肺結核症の血清Natrium及びKaliumの消長とRobinson-Kepler-Power水試験

迫 勝博 First Department of Internal Medicine, Okayama University Medical School
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I have measured the serum sodium and potassium in lungtuberculosis patients and estimat ed the ratio of both the sodium and potassium. Furthermore, I have made the Robinson-Kepler-Rower Test under the consideration of that the results of the water test must represent the Adrenocortical functions through the water metabolism. The results are as follows: (1) In general, there are no differences on the adrenocortical functions between healthy persons and lungtuberculosis patients. The decline tendencies of Adrenocortical function are observed in some of the lungtuberculosis patients. (2) The decline tendencies of Adrenocortical functions become increased with the ages, and become remarkable at the age of over 40. (3) The decline tendencies of Adrenocortical functions have connection with the clinical symptoms, and become increased at the following conditions; having a longstanding process, increased blood sedimentatations rate, wide spreaded pathogenic tissue, fever, evacuation of bacillus in sputum, body weight below the standard weight and complication of intestinal tuberculosis etc., but no connections are observed with the follows; lun capacity, Chemical treatments and the intensity of zinc turbidity reaction and of Tuberculin skin reaction.