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肺結核における副腎皮質機能 第1編 肺結核症におけるThorn氏試験

迫 勝博 Deparment of Internal Medicine, Okayama University Medical School
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I have studied the Thorn's test in lungtuberculosis by the administration of Adrenalin. The results are as follows: (1) The eosinophil diminition ratc (E. D. R.) of lungtuberculosis patients is no remarkable differences from the E. D. R. of healthy persons on the average, but seldom shows abnormal low value. (2) The E. D. R. of old persons is efficiently lower than the one in young persons. (3) The E. D. R. of the lungtuberculosis patients having been in sick for about 5 years is efficiently lower than the one of the patients having been is sick for within 3 years. (4) The E. D. R. of the patients with increased blood sedimentatoin rate is a little lower than the one of normal persons, but the difference is not significant. (5) The E. D. R. has no close connections with the breadth of pathogenic tissue. the evacuation's condition of bacills. bodytemperature, bloodpressure, menstruation and sex. (6) The patients with the low E. D. R. shows a bad results for all the liver function tests, except the Azorubin S test, especially remarkable for the zinc turbidity test. (7) No connections are observed between the blood picture, serum albumin and the E. D. R. (8) In the first stage of pleurisy, the E. D. R. becomes showing low. (9) Eosinopenia and low E. D. R. are observed in the most cases with the administration of SM and PAS. (10) The E. D. R. is not changable with the injection of 500 times Tuberculin solution, and there are no connections between the E. D. R. and the strength of the skin reaction with the injection of 2000 times Tuberculin solution. (11) The ratio of both the Uric Acid and Kreatinin in urine is steady by the injection of Adrenalin, and no connections with the F. D. R. also is not observed.