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ポーラログラフ癌反応の研究 第3編 胃液による胃癌「ポ」癌反応

平松 照雄 岡山大学医学部津田外科教室
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The author has determined the polarographic protein wave of the gastric juice taken fractionally after histamin injection. In F. the polarogram was taken in 1/200 sensitivity, after adding 3 cc. of 1/20 N. HCL into 2 cc. of the gastric juice, and 10 cc. of Co⁺⁺ test solution into 0 2 cc. of the former mixture 15 minutes later. Bordering 60 mm of wave height the gastric carcinoma showed a high wave and the ulcer a low wave. D. was performed by the method of Wada and the wave height was compared between the contents before and after 20 minutes of histamin injection, its percentage was 90% . Polarographic protein wave was determined in the supernatant and in the deposit after centrifuging the solution (fractionated gastric juice 1 cc. + acetone 1.5 cc.) kept at 40℃ for an hour (used Co⁺⁺⁺ test solution). In the supernatant same as in the acetone deposit a protein wave producing substance was found, and the protein wave curve showed similar rise and fall tendencies to the filtrate protein wave curve.