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ウサギの個体的現象からみたペニシリンアナフイラキシーの実験的研究 第1編 抗体産生における個体差異とペニシリンアナフイラキシー

田中 正 岡山大学医学部法医学教室
The author intending to carry out some Penicillin anaphylaxis experiment in view to the individual phenomenon, has immuned certain rabbits by dint of cow's serum for antibody source, and then has divided them in two groups owing to their degree of antibody production (strong or weak); next, by sensitizing some penicillin on both, has taken observations on the same phenomenon, making such as the reticulo-endotherial function, serum protein fraction, blood picture, local hypersensitivity as well as penicillin-sensitized erythrocyte agglutination reaction for indexes; results were as follows: If one makes the precipitin production as an index in any antibody production, it is usuall assumed that there exists groups of rabbits proving either strong or weak in antibody production; therefore, in case one takes a survey on (penicillin) local-sensitivity as well as the penicillin anaphylaxis in view to certain agglutination reaction of penicillin-sensitized erythrocytes, not to say of other proofs such as reticul-oendotherial function, serum protein fraction, changes of blood picture, or the local hypersensitivity, it may roughly be surmised that certain penicillin anaphylaxis might be induced in the group strong in antibody production, from which I have concluded that some individual phenomenon interferes with any penicillin anaphylaxis.