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骨髄酸素消費量よりみた骨髄機能の部位的比較に関する研究 第2編 機能亢進並に低下状態に於ける家兎骨髄酸素消費量の部位的観察

平 剛蔵 岡山大学医学部平木内科
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In the rabbit bone marrow with experimental anemias (hyperfunction) caused by acute bleeding, with bone marrow injury cuasad by a single large dose of somatic X-ray irradiation and without any treatment (normal), after regional observations on Qo(2) and Q(N2M) in diaphyseal part of the femur, the author arrived at the following conclusions: 1. In the case of the normal rabbit bons marrow, significant differences were found in some comparisons due to the low value in Qo(2) in the radius bone marrow what might be considered as the representative peripheral part. Namely, of 4 comparisons of the radius with 4 other parts (epiphyseal and diaphyseal parts of the femur, and the radius and hip-bone), significant differences could be found in 3 comparisons and no significant differences in any other comparisons. 2. In the acute bleeding rabbit bone marrow, Qo(2) in various regions of the bone marrow showed high values in parallel with Qo(2) of the normal rabbit bone marrow, but observing these values in detail, a tendency was found showing a relatively higher Qo(2) in the parts with a low value in the normal. However, Q(N2M) in the diaphyseal part of the femur showed no difference between acute bleeding rabbits and the normal. 3. In the bone marrow given a single large dose of the somatic X-ray irradiation, Qo(2) in various regions of the bone marrow had a wide range of values, but no definite tendency could be recognized when compared with normal rabbits. In the mean value, however, Qo(2) showed an inverse relationship, indicating a remarkable decline of Qo(2) in an inverse proportion to high values of Qo(2) in the normal, namely, higher disturbances in the bone marrow; and there was a decrease of Q(N2M) in the diaphyseal part of the femur.