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簡易骨髄組織培養法に関する研究 第三編 健康家兎及び実験貧血家兎骨髄に就いて

小野 安三 岡山大学医学部平木内科教室
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By the simple method of bone-marrow tissue culture previously mentioned, the anther performed the bone-marrow tissue culture of rabbits, and arrived at the following conclusions: 1. In the bone-marrow tissue culture of rabbits just as in the case of human bone marrow the addition of vitamin B(12) at the concentration of 100 r/cc. is most suitable. In the case of bone-marrow tissue culture of normal rabbits the rate of tissue growth and the wandering velocrty of pseeudoeosinophils resemble quite clososely to those of the conventional method of culture. 2. The duration of arrest-time of all cells is 48 hours, being shorter than that of the conventional method of culture, and moreover, the culture stages can not be divided info throce stages of the initial, intermediate and terminal stages, but it moves from the initial stage directly to the terminal stage. However, this method of tirsue culture is suffisently appliccable for the observation of bone-marrow functions. 3. In the bone marrow tissue culture of acute anemic rabbits 5 days after blood-deplation, the tissue growth rate and the wandering velocity of pseudoeosinophils are higher than those of normal rabbits; and moreover, these findings resemble quite closely to those by the conventional method of bone-marrow tissue culture. From these findings it has been clarified that by using this simple method even in the case of rabbit bone marrow the same as in the case of human bone marrow it is possib1e to learn a certain aspect of the bone marrow function similarly as by the conventional method of culture.