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酸素欠乏組織内に移植された骨髄細胞の形態学的研究 第2編 肝動脈結紮家兎に於ける骨髄細胞の血行内移植

木村 三雄 岡山大学医学部病理学教室
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The ligation of A. hepatica communis caused not any morphologic change in the liver, while the ligation of A. hepatica propria sinistra resulted in severe damages to the liver parenchym of the left posterial lobus, showing the necrosis of liver cells already ten hours after the operation. The bone-marrow cells introduced into the auricular vein are found to be accumulated in the marginal zone of the necrotic area with some inflammatory cells where the oxygen tension is supposed to be lower than that in the adjacent normal tissues, thus affording an ideal condition for the introduced bone-marrow cells to proliferate into.