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大腸菌のグルタミン酸代謝とその定量分析えの応用 補遺

矢部 芳郎 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
秋田 悦示 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
秋田 和男 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
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Akita (1957), one of the present authors, reported on glutamic acid metabolism of Bacillus coli communis and its application to the analysis of glutamic acid. In order to apply the method reported by Akita to a practical use, the authors reinvestigated and somewhat improved the method. The cells of B. coli communis cultured only once in the pyridoxinecontaining semi-synthetic liquid medium showed a high glutamic decarboxylase activity at pH 5.0, and evolved in a very short time carbon dioxide quantitatively from glutamic acid in the presence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide. The cells, however, showed no activity to pyruvic acid.