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無尿,乏尿に対する塩酸プロカイン静注療法に関する実験的研究 第二編 腎血管内墨汁注入法による研究

古本 雅彦 岡山大学医学部津田外科教室
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The author has studied on the effect of intravenous HCl-procaine treatment exmining the renal vascular patterns, for the lesions caused by hemolyzed blood administration, burn and intramuscular corrosive sublimate injection, by utilizing the Indian-ink infusion method. 1. In the kidneys of rabbits administered hemolyzed blood and burned the cortical arteries contracted, and following by the ischemia; the blood flow diverted to the juxtamedullary glomerulus and subcortical zone and Oxford shunting was observed. 2. For these conditions intravenous HCl-procaine administration had result of restoring the ischemia after dilatation of cortical arteries, increase of the cortical blood flow and disappearance of the various shunting. 3. In the case of intramuscular injection of the corrosive sublimate the effect of this method was not striking, because of marked changes in the glomerulus and in the tubulus. The author concludes, obtaining these results, that the above described treatment for anuria and oliguria after surgical invasion could be recommended by all means.