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家兎骨髓体外組織培養に於ける蛋白代謝の研究 第3編 各種疾患患者血清の家兎骨髄蛋白代謝に及ぼす影響

藤井 幸雄 岡山大学医学部平木内科教室
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By loading the tissue culture (Carrel flask method) of the bone marrow of normal rabbits with sera of Patients suffering from various diseases, various factors involved in multiplication of the bone marrow at the same time the influences of these of these sera on the protein metabolism in the rabbit bone marrow have been investigated and the following are the results: (1) Sera of hypolastic anemia, Banti's disease, and of leukemia act directly on the bone marrow, and the presence of the substances inhibiting the marrow functions has been recognized, inhibiting the production of γ-globulin and fibrinogen by the marrow. (2) No substance acting directly on the bone marrow has been recognized in the sera of such blood disorders as essential hypochromic anemia, hookworm disease, Werlhof's disease, as well as in liver and kidney diseases or tuberculosis, and the loading of such sera to the marrow culture exerts no influence on the protein metabolism. (3) In the serum of cancer patient, the presence of substance slightly inhibiting the marrow functions has been recognized.