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恙虫病病毒感染鼠肺抗原の血清学的研究 第二編 感染鼠肺から抽出した抗原性分劃の血清学的免疫学的吟味

折橋 秋子 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
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We have investigated about the nature of H-antigen comes from rodent-lung communicated by Rickettsia orientalis and have recognized that the H-antigen shows positive floculation against the homologous antibodies specifically as-follows: 1. The serum comes from guinea pig and rabit floculaes the H-antigen specifically. 2. H-antigen does not appear floculation against the serum prepared from the patients of which are Murine, typhus, Malarie, Leprosy, Scarlet fever, infectious Nephritis, Pneumonia, Tuberculosa.