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大黒鼠脳組織呼吸の活性化エネルギー 第3篇 未処置大黒鼠全脳ホモジネート呼吸酵素系の活性化エネルギーに及ぼすChlorpromazin添加の影響

薄井 省吾 岡山大学医学部神経精神医学教室
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The author studied the effects of chlorpromazin 1.5 × 10(-4) M on the activation energy of respiration of whole brain homogenate of rats and obtained the results as follows: namely, by loading chlorpromazin 1.5 × 10(-4) M the rate of oxygen absorption decreases about 17-31 per cent, but the activation energy has been found to be about 10, 800 cal. This meàns that the value is the same as in the case without addition of chlorpromazin; and consequently the rate determining reaction is also identical.