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尿蛋白の血清学的研究 第2編 ドナヂオ反応による疲労測定に就いて

西崎 道生 岡山大学医学部衛生学教室
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The author measured the degrees of the fatigue of the employs each and all at a cottonspinning factory in winter and summer by the method of Donaggio reaction, and made a study of the relation between Donaggio method and Ogata's urinary protein measuring method, and then measured the weekly fluctuation of the fatigue in winter and summer, especially about the spinners. It turned out experimentally that the value of Donaggio reaction in summer was higher than that in winter, and speaking about the weekly fluctuation, the fatigue was severest on the third day of a week. And the author found that pH of urine and the value of Donaggio reaction were reverse each other, and the latter and Ogata's method were generally parallel each other.