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Clearance法を用いた腎機能の研究 第2編 実験的肝障碍時における腎機能について

戸川 立省 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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Examinations in the function of kidney have been carried out upon healthy rabits, subjected to a laparotomy or to a ligature of common bile duct, rabbits given chloroform, CCl(4), or allyl formate, and blockade the reticulo-endotherial-system. The above examinations have brought the following results, after being compared with the rise-and-fall of bilirubins in serum and urine. 1. The function of kidney of male rabbits weighting 2 kilograms or so under the clearance method was on the average: urine volume in a minut-6.91 cc./min., effective renal plasma flow-20.32 cc./min., effective renal blood flow-36.06 cc./min., filtration fraction-0.34, reabsorption rate-97.37% , and tubular excretory mass-7.62 mg./min.. 2. After a mere laparotomy, filtration fraction and reabsorption rate rose a little, while the others fell to some slight extent. 3. After ligating the common bile duct, urine volume in a minute, effective renal plasma flow, effective renal blood flow, and tubular excretory mass increased remarkably at first, and then, decreasing as the time passed, fell down far below the normal graduation, filtration fraction alone decreased at first, and then increasing, finally rose far above the normal graduation. 4. After chloroform was given, filtration fraction alone rose high, and all the others fell down. 5. When a minor quantity of CCl(4) was given, effective renal plasma flow and reabsorption rate rose to some degree ; when a medium quautity was given, filtration fraction rose, alone while the others decreased, and fell down far below the normal state, excepting for reabsorption rate. 6. When allyl formate was given, every part of the function fell down more remarkably than even before. 7. After blocking the reticulo-endotherial-system was performed, glomerular filtration rate, effective renal plasma flow and effective renal blood flow increased to a little degree in parallel with one another. 8. According to the results of the examinations, it has been considered that the excretion of bilirubin in urine is carried out through the tubulus.