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無カタラーゼ血液症に於るカタラーゼ量,ペルオキシダーゼ量並に家鴨,鵞鳥,鳩に於るカタラーゼ量に就て 第二編 家鴨,鵞鳥,鳩の各臓器組織カタラーゼ量に就て

三原 伸 岡山大学医学部耳鼻咽喉科教室
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I examined the quantity of catalase in organ's tissues of wild duck, goose and pigeon, whose blood in reacting to hydrogen peroxide showed a close resemblance to the blood acatalasemia cases. When we poured hydrogen peroxide on to the blood of these fowl, the blood discolored immediately into a blackish color, and at that time no generation of bubbles could be seen. I used Warburg's manometric method and following results were obtained: I found that Qcat. of blood and bone marrow of these fowl showed an extremely low number, while the Qcat. of liver, kidney and small intestine of these fowl were almost equal index number to those of other animals.