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無胃性貧血に関する実験的研究 第2編 広汎胃切除後における白鼠の肝臓内造血物質の消長及び術後貧血鼠に対する治療効果. 貧血鼠の肝組織像について

松本 正宏 岡山大学医学部津田外科教室
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Since Minot and Murphy (1926) could not trace the effective substance in liver therapy for pernicious anemia, it was recently found that Vitamin B. 12, Folic Acid were effective for macrocytic and pernicious anemia, and that Vitamin B. 12 would act as so-called Castle's extrinsic factor. Welch and others clarified that in the patient of pernicious anemia there was an impediment, of absorption of Vitamin B. 12, and Kusunoki reported that there were in want of Vitamin B. 12 and Folic Acid at the time of macrocytic and pernicious anemia occurring after total gastrectomy in man. There are few reports on the fluctuation of those Vitamins in the animal after total gastrectomy. The author determined the Vitamin B. 12, Folie Acid and Non-Hemin Iron in the rats' liver after total resection of the stomach. There is a slight decrease of Vitamin B. 12 and Folic Acid after operation but is no significant value for the clarification of the anemia. Non-Hemin Iron shows considerable decrease. There were no effects of Vitamin B.12, Folic Acid, Liver Extract excepting Iron for the treatment of anemia in gastrectomized rats. Although, the restoration of erythrocytes was not sufficient by the Iron treatment alone, Iron with Vitamin B. 12, Folic Acid, esp. Liver extract was most effective for it. The liver tissue of gastrectomized rats showed degeneration and necrosis of the cells in the center part of acinus. Central necrosis of the lobules and increase of fat were marked in the emaciated and bad-conditioned rats. It has been thought that the facts were not concerned with elapse of time after operation but with the nutritional defect after total gastrectomy. Anemia in gastrectomized rats is largely due to the impediment of absorption of iron because of the absence of gastric juice. The author has thought that the anemia increased in accordance with liver damage due to the nutritional disturbance and ascending of intestinal flora producing toxin.