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恙虫病病毒の交叉感染試験の研究 第1編 Nitrogen-mustard-N-oxide処理二十日鼠における恙虫病病毒の感染試験

梅谷 美弘 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
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In order to obstruct their mortality which should be happened by active materials of R. tsutsugamushi Nitrogen-mustard-N-oxide (NNO) was used subcutaneously or intraperitonealv against mice as pre or post management of immunization by active materials. The data is described as follows : 1) Subcutaneous managenent of NNO hnd no effect on decreasing of mortality about mice inoculated by active rickettsial materials. 2) Intraperitoneal injection of NNo had great effect to decrease the mortality about the mice inoculated by active rickettsial materials and to produce the antibodies against reinoculation of homologous rickettsial strain. 3) Concerning with inoculation of rickettsial materials against mice, pre-management had greater effect than post management of NNO to decrease the mortality and to produce the antibodies.