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超生体染色所見から見た血球の細胞膜透過性に関する研究 第4編 炎症巣に游出した顆粒球の色素透過性について

大口 基光 岡山大学医学部病理学教室
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In the previous paper comparative studies of permeability on the matured granulocytes in the circulating blood and on the young cells in the bone marrow has been reported, representing the younger cells are more permeable to basic dyes and lesser permeable to acid dyes than in the matured cells. In this paper the studies on the granulocytes from the inflammatic ascites caused by the intraperitoneal injection of egg white has been reported. Ascites was taken few days after the egg white injection. The method was the same as that described in the previous paper. Dyes were also the same as those in repot Ⅲ. Experiment revealed that those granulocytes from inflammatory fluid showed a marked resistance for the invasion of basie dyes in the media of lower pH level at which the granulocytes in the blood allowed the invasion of the same dyes, while acidic dyes showed an increased stainability of the granulocytes from ascites in those media of the same pH level in which normal granulocytes were stained, i.e. the granulocytes from ascites showed an increased permeability for acidic dyes and a decreased permeability for basic ones. Discussion were made on the permeability of inflammatory cells in the relation of the changed isoelectric point of cytoplasm which may occur in the course of aging.