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エアード氏法による各種脳疾患の脳波に関する研究 第3編 エアード氏法による脳蜘網膜炎患者に関する研究

稲垣 節 岡山大学医学部第一(陣内)外科教室
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(1) In the electroencephalogram of cerebral arachnoiditis, no spike was observed. As abnormal waves, the slow wave of 6-7 cycles was only seen. For the determination of the lesion, the size of the amplitude of α-wave was evalutaed. (2) Arachnoiditis optochiasmatis, stenosis of the Foramen Magendie caused by arachnoid adhesion and arachnoidites of the cisterna magna were not able to be diagnosed by this method. (3) In all cases of arachnoiditis of the cisterna lateralis and arachnoiditis overlying cerebral hemisphere, localization of foci was possible.