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白血球自家融解液の所謂直接作用の特異性に関する研究 第2編 別脾,肝細胞障碍及び網内系填塞の各動物群に就いての実験

藤井 正二 岡山大学医学部平木内科
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I reported in the 1st chapter the fact, that tle specific increase of each leukocyte is evidenced in the peripheral blood, bone-marrow and in the lymphatic tissue of the normal rabbit or guinea-pig injected with the extract from pseudoeosinophil, eosinophil or lymphatic leukocytes. ln this chapter, I, employing such animals as have undergone either splenectomy, liver parenchymal disturbance, or reticuloendothelial blockade, examined to get certain detailed notions as to their functions, from which, results as follows were obtained. 1) When the extracts out of the pseudoeosinocytes or eosinophil leukocytes have been applied to splenectomized or disturbed liver parenchy animal, an increase of each leukocyte was induced respectively, same as was seen in 1st chapter. 2) When the pseudoeosinocyte extract or eosinophil leukocyte extract was applied to animals of reticaloendothelial blockade, different from the case in 1st chapter, a feeble sort of increase took place in case of pseudoeosinocyte extract, While with the latter, no brieftime increase has appeared, but only when 24 hours have lapsed. 3) If lymphocyte extract was injected in animals with splenectomy, liver parenchymal disturbance or reticuloendothelial blockade, though the was seen no blood lymphocyte increase, same remarkable proliferation as stated in 1st chapter was detected.