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桑原 進 岡山大学医学部衛生学教室
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I made the studies on the fatigue of transfomer substation employees, baseball players, and locomotive crew, and on the fatigue which was caused mentally and physically by the experiment, using near point measuring and other methods. The results were as follows: 1. Near point seems to show sensitive change according to mental and physical load. 2. The mode of its change is not simple and differs according to various factors. But, generally speaking, the near point seems to come nearer in light fatigue and retreat in heavy one. 3. Retreated near point regains its original position usually in 30-40 minutes, the quickest being 20 minutes and the slowest 60 minutes. 4. It was proved that there are three different types of near point recovering curve. 5. The near point method is an excellent means of fatigue test, but it will be ideal if used together with other method in fatigue tests.