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上塚 萬壽男 岡山大学医学部耳鼻咽喉科教室
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There are two types in human auditory disturbances owing to electric disasters, one of which is what one may call immediate injury, appearing on the heel of those disasters; the other, used to appear days or months after disaster, and often spoken of as after injury. The author have had chance to take a survey of 4 cases that suffered violent electric disaster. 1) 65 years-old male; has become victim to A. C. 300V. immediately after the event, felt right-ear tinnitus, slight vertigo and tendency to fall down on the right side. Though he could recover in a few days from symptoms, a tinnitus as well as difficult-hearing of right ear began a year afterward. By examination, it has been proved that his right ear had a marked auditory disability in the area higher than c(2) and complete deaf at c(6). 2) 50 years-old male; experienced 4 electric shocks, i. e., A. C. 3.300V. 3 times; A. C. 60.000V. once. In every time, he felt an obstruction feeling of ear, tinnitus, as well as vertigo after the disaster. These symptoms disappeared spontaneously in a few days, and at present he enjoys normal hearing. 3) 20 years-old male; struck with A. C. 3.300V. No otologic symptoms felt after the accident. At present, his hearing is normal. 4) 28 years-old male; struck with A. C. 3.300V. No sensible diorder happened. At present, normal hearing. Cases 1) and 2) may be said as immediate injuries due to electric disaster, and Case 1) may be considered to have induced after injury besides.