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上塚 萬壽男 岡山大学医学部耳鼻咽喉科教室
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There has been certain basic investigations taken on the auditory disorders caused by weak electric current, by such scholars as Runge, Oda and Wittmaack; but little has been done toward the experimental study on the same caused by electric disaster. A) Employing guinea-pigs, I applied. D. C. 100V. 100 M. A. -250 M. A. from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. D. C. 70.000-110.000V. 4 M. A. -100M. A. 10 seconds to 10 minutes. A. C. 110V. 250 M. A. 2 minutes. A. C. 220V. 450 M. A. from 20 seconds to 30 seconds. on their auditory organ, and these guinea-pigs were killed immediately after the experiment for vital fixation. 1) D. C. Experiment. Cells of spiralganglion and vestibularganglion, maculae acusticae, as well as crista have appeared to have been swollen on anode, while on cathode, they looked in a state of shrinkage. 2) A. C. Experiment. In the cells of spiralganglion and vestibularganglion, one part of them showed swelling while the other part showed a shrinkage and these opposite findings existed in mixed form. B) In order to know the influence of Joule's heat produced by this experiment, I have conducted a heated test using "diathermy" without catching any such histological changes mentioned above. C) Having fed a guinea-pig that has undergone these electroshock for a long time and pursuing its histoloigcal changes, could discover otitis media in all cases; while labyrinthitis in 2/3 cases. As to one third cases where labyrinthitis could not be detected, no change happened to their maculae acusticae, crista, or cells of vestibular-ganglion. D) Next, a test has been performed using rabbit. D. C. 100V. 400 M. A. 20 seconds-40 seconds. D. C. 110.000V. 4 M. A. 10 minutes-40 minutes. The histological changes seen in those cases which have suffered vital fixation immediately after the experiment, have proved as the same with those observed in guinea-pig test. A devastation of cells of spiral ganglion on anode was noticed in a rabbit that underwent a vital fixation 60 days after having been administered D. C. 110.000V. 4 M. A.