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興奮伝播性と圧効果 第一編 筋肉收縮の伝播性と圧効果に就て(其の一)

長尾 曉一 岡山大学医学部第一生理学教室
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By means of the isolated chamber method after Sugi the propagation of the excitation and by routine method action potential were examined at compressed muscle. Following results are obtained; 1) Muscle contraction evoked by high hydrostatic pressure does not propagate along muscle fiber. 2) When muscle is immersed into solution in which the muscle reacts to pressurestimulation more sensitively but to electric stimulation less sensitively, its contraction does not propagate. 3) In case of the compression contraction no action current appears. 4) Muscle tissue becomes less acid by pressure contraction than by tetanic contraction.