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Having prepared tissue emulsion employing homogeneizer the following conclusion was obtained by examining freezing thawing method, by extracting antibodies of lung, heart. kidney and liver. 1) Tissue protein content and precipitin amount did not go parallel. 2) Generally speaking, the lesser protein content after extracting tissue emulsion, precipitin content also proved lesser, while the greater the protein proved the precipitin amount showed greater too. Yet no definite ratio seemed exist between the two. 3) It was difficult to estimate or compare the tissue precipitin with these cases where serum precipitin proved below 1:64; to do this at least above 1:128 was needed. 4) Tissue exis of the liver seemed to have less protein than precipitin amount proved by the lung, heart as well as kidney. 5) Such method as freezing thawing indicated here proved to be comparatively good for a extraction method for tissue antibody.