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三井 春也 岡山医科大学病理学教室
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I expirienced a patient of Devic's disease in a young woman. The onset of this case is sudden and complain headache, vomiting, Cramp and grip, and then followed visual disturbance and difficulty in walking and ataxia. Visual disturbance is no other than retrobulbar neuritis. Walking is ataxic and spastic just like a drunkard and appear paraplegia of legs. Ataxia is lokomotive and static ataxia of body and extremity and complains vertigo and nystagmus, adiadochokinesis, Romberg's sign, asinergia, pastpointing. Those sign considered as cerebellum disturbance, and prove extension of pathologic process in optic nerves, spinal cord and cerebellum. Those symptoma gradually recovered but sometimes appear aggravation and is just like multiple sklerose and differential diagnose is difficult without necessary observation.