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大腸菌ファージの実験的研究 第二編 血球核及び核様物に依る大腸菌ファージの増殖について

佐々木 峻 岡山大学医学部衛生学教室
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In my method for the separation and purification of the colibacteriophage, I employed the chromatograph; but I examined the bacteriosolving phenomenon of the phage by using host bacteriofiltrate and rabitt antiserum for host bacterium, as well as, nucleus and nuclear substance of the blood corpuscle of cock and tortoise. In the former I did not get a good result, but I found that the phage growth was accelerated in a high degree in the latter, and consequently this report was written. First, I defibrinierted the 2cc. blood of cook and tortoise, and made the bloodsuspension by ordinary method and then centrifuged it; added distilled water to the blood-corpuscle after the centrifugation, oscillated, mixed well, and demolished the protoplasm by distilled water. As soon as the white nucleus is suspended uniformly, physiological salt, water is added to it in a large quantity; dissolving the pure dregs which were obtained after severaltimes of centrifugation in 5cc. salt water, I presented the same substance that was completely solved for experiment. Then I dyed and microscoped it, and noticed thickly dyeing nucleus as well as a large number of fine granular substance dottes arround it. The strength of colibacteriophage as contrast was 10(-3), but it rose to 10(-27) when the nucleus and nuclear substance of cock was added to it so that it might he diluted same as the first. Moreover, the strength of phage rose to 10(-20) in the filtrate of this nucleus and nuclear substance. In regard to nucleus and nuclear substance of tortoise, the strength of phage was not so strong as cock, but it rose to 10(-14) When I heated the nucleus and nuclear substance of cock bloodcorpuscle in the water bath, the degree of growth facility decreased together with the heat, and it seemed that the effect of growth facility is lostt almost at 100-120°C. "The Feulgen Reaktion" of nucleus and nuclear substance of the blood was all positive, and it increased the degree of transparence together with the heat. It was discovered that. DNA is contained in the nucleus of blood together with a little of RNA, and it is difficult to separate the pure nucleus from the blood, so it is considered apparently that the protoplasm has lost its way within it. In a word, both the nucleus and the nuclear substance of the blood are considered that they play an important part in the growth of coli bacteriophage.