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レ線の酵素作用に及ぼす影響 レ線の蓄積作用に就いて

今村 静生 岡山大学医学部法医学教室
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Previously the author carried out experiments on the effects of X-irradiation upon enzyme activity and found that X-irradiation with small doses increases catalytic activity of enzyme, that middle doses inhibits, and what is influenced by X-rays is enzyme itself and not the substrate. Therefore, in order to clarify whether catalytic activity might be increased additionally, or be accumulated gradually until it might have inhibited the enzyme action as well as one middle dose, in case it has reached one middle dose by repeating several small doses with certain interval, so that it should reach irradiation due to one middle dose or not, using papayotin as an enzyme, gelatin as a substrate and the amount of non-protein nitrogen which increased by the gelatin decomposition, was measured. Then the author assured that when irradiation with small doses reached to middle dose by fractional irradiation same as one time of irradiation with middle doses enzyme action was inhibited and X-irradiation accumulated gradually within enzyme.