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方円 幸彦 岡山大学医学部平木内科
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In Japan, hypoplastic anemia has ever been presenting one of the most important problems among today's anemic diseases, it having proved as great frequency as that of pernicious anemia found both in Europe and America; besides, no fit therapeutic method been discovered as yet. Generally speaking, this disease shows a decrease of entire corpuscles, the bleeding tendency becoming prevalent in most cases; yet as to signs in concern to bone marrow, the number of nuclear cell is not fixed, as it has proved 16, 200 at the lowset, while, 263, 000 at the highest. Consequently, it has been classified into 5 types in our department, in view to obstructions of bone marrow. 1. Type of bloodcell-arrest. 2. Type of maturation-arrest. 3. Type of disturbanced regeneration. 4. Mixed type. 5. Panmyelophthisis. When we took record about 23 cases of hypoplastic patients, results were as follows; 1st type 7, 2nd type 2, 3rd type 3, 4th type 8, and 3 cases of 5th type. In all serum iron value proved an increase; in view to intravenous iron tolerance test, the degree of iron disappearance proved a marked delay, while hematopoetic function indicated an extreme decline. In tissue culture of bone marrow invented by our department. it has been recognized that there exists certain factor to inhibit any hyperplasia of parencyma of bone marrow in this anemic serum. As for method in therapy, several have been nominated through in vain, so that more or less effect have been achieved only by our inventions, i.e., imbedding of bone marrow as well as use of substances of polysaccharide extracted from bone marrow.