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所謂「馬宿病」に関する研究 第II編 分離病毒に関する免疫血清学的研究

丸岡 敏夫 岡山大学医学部細菌学教室
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I have succeeded to isolate 5 strains from Mus decumanus at east Kagawa, and recognized that these strains is similar to Rickettsia orientalis by affinities to some animals and its cultivation tests. I have tried Cross-neutrization and Cross-infection test among 5 strains isolated and Ozeki, Hichito and Karp strains using numerous white mouse. Concerning with this cross-neutralization test. I have found that, R-IV, R-XXII strains isolated from rats is similar to Ozeki strains than to Hichito and Karp strains, and about crossinfections test, immunized mouse group by R-IV and R-XXII strains has remained without sacrifice from challenge by Ozeki, but many immunized animals has died with challenge by Karp and Hichito stranis. On the contrary, many immunized mouse by Hichito and Karp strains has occured to death by challenge with the strains isolated. So I have determind that my strains isolated which is called R-IV and R-XXII strains is similar to Ozeki strains than Hichito or Karp strains as their serological nature.