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小坂 淳夫 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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This is a report on a male patient aged 35, who had experienced an attack like gall stones in the past, and who, at night on a sudden felt a sharp r. hypothondralgia; next, vomiting came; thus, appeared gall bladder swell as large as a child's fist, and on the fourth day of disease suddenly succumbed under a complication, i.e., diffuse peritonitis; though have conducted a laparotomia, the prognosis proving bad, died; about whom man could not affirm perforated portion macroscopically, but for operation as well as autopsy, Furthermore, for the cause of this disease it might be mentioned such matters as, stagnation of bile caused by a presence of dove's egg size gall stone in the part where common bile duct opens to duodenum; as well as, swell of gall bladder, tention as well as contrary flow of pancreatic juice into biliary tract: besides, infection of escherichia coli in the bile within bile bladder, along with necrosis of gall bladder wall etc.