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黒山 眞吾 岡山醫科大學皮膚科泌尿器科教室
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Case I: A man, aged 75 years a public copyst, who came to our hospital on November 2, 1937; on his left upper limbs a swelling was noticed by him for the first time on March of this year. For these few days, it became a sucklingheads size gradually, and he complains occaisionally nervous suffering at its locality. This swelling which is hard, bordered on its surroundings distinctly, and prominent from the skin-surface conically. Its colour is chiefly dark-deep red and light-deep red in places. On its surface, there are two walnut-size ulcers with gangrenous substances at its, bottom. The swelling combines with its lower substratum, so that it can not be removed. No connection is found between the swelling and the femur by roentgen photograph. By the patho-histological examination it is diagnosed as polymorphic cell sarcoma. No healing effect is noted with roentgen treatment 2560r. (filter Zn. 0.6mm Al. 3.0mm) combined with radium-needle treatment 6336mg.h. Case 2: A man, aged 77 years, a farmer who had been operated for the round cell sarcoma of the ethomoid bone cells nine months ago, came to our hospital on July 12, 1937, with hard swellings on his right outer canthus, right chin, right side of his neck, right supraclavicular fossa and left lower, limbs. They are not attached either to their upper skins or lower substrata. Their surfaces are normal in colour and smooth. Their sizes are ranged from the sparrow-egg to the walnut. By the potho-histological examination, it is diagnosed as the round cell sarcoma. All these swellings were taken away by operation. Three menths after the operation, twice the same swellings appeared on his right outer canthus and right supraclavicular fossa; and the former was removed operatively while the latter showed complete healing by treating with roentgen rays. Five months later, thrice the swellings as former appeared on his left upper buttock and right supraclavicular fossa, but the former became small spontaneously and was removed operatively and the latter treated with roentgen rays 1200r. (filter, Zn. 0.6mm Al. 0.5mm) with good effects.