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人血液型ノ遺傳學術的研究 續編 人血液型遺傳ニ關スル私ノ新説增訂

奧 源之助 岡山醫科大學泉外科教室
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The author published in his present investigation of the heredity of the human blood group types, Part II, his own theory. The hypothesis he then propounded required as a matter of course a supplementary hypothesis, which, however, was left unstated; hence it may be here supplemented. The supplementary hypothesis in question is the theory of the “Lethal Factor” put forward by Dyke & Budge. The gamete AB is weak in vitality, and, moreover, some phenomenon yet unexplained today takes place in the perion in which a blood type is formed. From these facts it is assumed that the gamete AB perishes in one generation. This assumption also corresponds to the instances reported by Fujitaka and Ito.