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40年経過した食道アカラシア術後の食道拡張・下部食道狭窄症に 対して胸腔鏡下食道亜全摘が著効した1例

桂 佑貴 岡山大学病院 消化管外科
白川 靖博 岡山大学病院 消化管外科
田邊 俊介 岡山大学病院 消化管外科
前田 直見 岡山大学病院 消化管外科
野間 和広 岡山大学病院 消化管外科 科研費研究者番号
藤原 俊義 岡山大学病院 消化管外科 ORCID 科研費研究者番号
When planning surgery for achalasia, it is important to plan for adequate myotomy and prevention of reflux. However, achalasia may recur if the procedure was inadequate or in patients with a long-term course. The present case is a 68-year-old woman who underwent myotomy of the lower esophageal sphincter 40 years ago, but recently reported difficulty in swallowing. Dilatation of the thoracic esophagus and stenosis of the abdominal esophagus were identified by examination, and the patient was diagnosed with recurrence of achalasia. After percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy was performed to recover nutritional status, thoracoscopic esophagectomy was carried out. The patient'spost-operative course was uneventful and oral intake was enabled. At the time of writing, there has been no re-recurrence. There is no standard therapy for post-operative recurrence of achalasia. We believe that thoracoscopic esophagectomy for the recurrence of achalasia is a safe and minimally invasive alternative to conventional surgery.
食道アカラシア (achalasia)
再手術 (reoperation)
食道亜全摘 (esophagectomy)
症例報告(Case Reports)